What I Thought: Cyber-Rebound

Now, I don't know if this is a thing already but I have come up with a phrase that some people may have come across without it even having a name. Cyber-Rebound: the act of coming in contact with someone over the internet, social media or even through text but no physical contact with each... Continue Reading →


What I Thought: Music and Me

Music has played a big part of my life, especially when I was younger since I wanted to be a singer. I played the violin for the majority of elementary school and in high school, I did glee club for two years. So I have been in tune with that side of my artistic self.... Continue Reading →

What I Thought: Being Kind

Everyone who has met me and talked to me has the same response or impression of me: I'm sweet and kind. And I pride myself on that. I like being called kind and sweet. I like being friendly because I know that is exactly what I want from others. Treat others the way you want... Continue Reading →

What I Thought: Considering It

Around my teen years, like 15 to 16, I always thought people would be better off without me. I wouldn't be a burden on my parents because of all the spending they do on me. I wouldn't make my boyfriend at the time so mad, if I wasn't there to be mad at. I would... Continue Reading →

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