The Black Stallion: Part 2

Camilla walked home, holding a bottle of whiskey. The house was quiet. The smell of alcohol and sweat filled the air. He was still here, asleep. She poured herself a glass and rested. Off in the distance, wolves would be howling. It was like an alarm to let people know, they should be at home.... Continue Reading →


The Black Stallion: Part 1

Camilla was getting ready to head off into the saloon in which she worked in, as the heat began to make her very irritable. She let Garrett know that she was leaving to work but he didn't respond, since he was knocked out from all the drinking last night. Camilla knew that this was a... Continue Reading →

The Black Stallion: Background

This is the backstory to the main character, Camilla┬áRose Rodriguez. She is the main character of the story The Black Stallion. Camilla Rose Rodriguez is the daughter of Rose Marston and Fernando Rodriguez. The family lived in the town of Oro. Her father was one of the founders of the town and was named the... Continue Reading →

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