2018 has been shit

Yeah, it has been. I was promised something and now I am starting from square one. I am constantly looking for a job. Yeah, I got my degree and it is in a frame but I can't even find a job. I spend hours a day looking for a job and basically throwing my resume... Continue Reading →


The Great or Not So Great Fire

It was September 15 and oh boy was it going to be a busy day. It was my best friend's last day in town before she would leave to school and I also had a date with a guy who checked off all my boxes and who I had been talking to for a week.... Continue Reading →

Triggering Memories

Its so odd how you could be in the library or in the grocery store and someone can pass by and their cologne or perfume can bring you back to a memory.  Like today, as I was getting on the train to go to school, a smell came to me and it smelled like my... Continue Reading →

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