The Great or Not So Great Interview

During my summer, while I was dating like crazy, I was also applying to jobs like crazy. It was to the point that job searching and dating had been causing so much stress that I would spend some nights just crying. Safe to say that my summer was awful and they have been since I... Continue Reading →


The Black Stallion: Part 2

Camilla walked home, holding a bottle of whiskey. The house was quiet. The smell of alcohol and sweat filled the air. He was still here, asleep. She poured herself a glass and rested. Off in the distance, wolves would be howling. It was like an alarm to let people know, they should be at home.... Continue Reading →

Triggering Memories

Its so odd how you could be in the library or in the grocery store and someone can pass by and their cologne or perfume can bring you back to a memory.  Like today, as I was getting on the train to go to school, a smell came to me and it smelled like my... Continue Reading →

Battles: A Poem

I know you need to fight, And its not easy, And it could take a while, But the end will be worth it. All the battles, All the scars, All the sweat, And all the tears, Will come to an end. Just know, If you ever need a helping hand, I'll be right here. I... Continue Reading →

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