What I Thought: Cheating

I never understood why people cheat. I guess I do but I don’t accept that reasons why. There is no reason to cheat. I always valued whoever I was with. I was faithful and grateful that I had someone interested in me and I wasn’t going to push my luck with trying to cheat. 

People always say that their significant other just wasn’t meeting their needs or they didnt feel loved anymore and thats why they go behind their partner’s back and cheat. That is not an excuse to cheat but it is an excuse to leave the relationship. Don’t hurt the other person by cheating. Just leave and get someone new. Its not that hard. But there are some sick people who get off on the idea to sneak around and try not to get caught.

Now, I’ve never cheated and I’ve actually never been cheated on, at least to my knowledge. BUT a guy was pretty close on going on a date with me TO CHEAT ON HIS GIRLFRIEND. The moment I found this out, I was ENRAGED. They were a cute couple and she was absolutely gorgeous. And the fact that this guy wanted to do this to her, broke my heart. If it wasn’t for me sneaking around his social media, I dont think I would have found out. I was in a tough place because I didnt know whether to confront him, tell her or keep my mouth shut. I kept my mouth shut because well we never actually went on a date. And we had only been talking for a week. So I didnt say a word. To my knowledge they are still together. And it still breaks my heart that he came close to doing such a thing to her. 

My mind just can’t wrap around how people think cheating is a good idea. Just be grateful for what you have because people kill to have something like that and if you arent happy with your situation , have the fucking decency to break up with that person AND THEN go and find someone. Be a decent human being. 


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