I Can’t Wait Till I Fall In Love

I can’t wait till I fall in love again. Yes, again. Because I know that when I was 16, I fell in love with my best friend. And I still love him cause now he is still my best friend. But now, I just want to fall in love again. Stay up till the sun rise and tell each other our dreams. That if I miss him, he will know and text me or call me because he missed me. He will pick me up late at night to go and grab a burger. Or we will go on adventures throughout the whole town. Or we can just stay in bed and watch bad movies. Yes, of course I want all the fancy dates and the sweet gestures but sometimes, I just want the simple things of a relationship. Like a random text that says how cute I am. Or as we walk in the mall, he will just hold my hand. Or when we are sitting at the park, he’ll lean over and kiss my nose. Or when I’m having a bad day, he’ll kiss my forehead and tell me everything will be okay. Its the simple little acts of kindness that I miss so much. And I want to do that for him too. I’ll call him when I have a break in school and see how he is doing. I’ll hug him every time I’ll see him. I’ll kiss his cheek every time he smiles at me. I’ll give him a kiss every time he makes me feel butterflies. I’ll be there when he can’t sleep and he needs someone to talk to. I’ll be there to hold his hand when we are about to go on a scary ride. I’ll be there when we see cool sights around town. I’ll hold his hand as we walk down the pier. I’ll be there for him and make a complete fool out of myself to cheer him up from a bad day at work. I’ll never let him forget that I love him with all my heart. Its just no one has given me the chance to do all this for them. And I’ve gotten hopeless from all the tries I’ve done. I don’t think I’ll get the chance to show someone how much I’ll love them or care about them. And it breaks my heart a little more every night, when I think that all this love I have will go to waste.


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