The Great or Not So Great Motel Search

It was the summer of 2015. My boyfriend and I were getting very bored and he wanted to see me but we had no idea what to do for the night. He picked me up in his car and we went to Target and fooled around. We were acting like idiots in the store and having a grand ol’ time. It didn’t matter what we did, we always had fun.

We bought some snacks and we wanted to do something fun. My boyfriend was telling me how sexually frustrated he had become since it was very hard to do anything since we didn’t have our own places. So on the drive home, he threw in the idea of getting a motel room for a couple hours. And we both loved that idea. So we pulled up into a motel and he got out and asked for a room. Turns out, at least in California, you have to be 21 to get a motel room. We were both upset. And we were in the car for an hour, calling all the nearest motels or hotels to get a room for a couple hours or for the night so my boyfriend could at least spend the night. We were that desperate for some alone time we were driven to this extreme. We were so upset and just went home.

Lesson: You can’t be a sexually frustrated 20-year-old in California since you can’t get a hotel or a motel room.


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