The Great Or Not So Great Haunting

The first time I went to El Salvador, I was 14, about to start high school. My mom decided that we go on a trip that summer just cause and well because she hasn’t gone back home in years. Unfortunately, my dad couldn’t come with us because he was in a new job and it would be weird if he just left for a trip. So it would be just my mom, my sister and I.

The trip was great but I did miss my dad because it just felt like it was incomplete. My family didn’t have the internet at their home so I would have to go to internet cafes to access my emails and talk with friends for at least an hour every other day. I have no clue how I survived 2 weeks like this.

Now, there is a legend about this woman who is ugly and sometimes masquerades as a beautiful woman and lures men to her and scares them or kills them and she has a son who does the same thing but to attract young women and he would do this by throwing rocks to girl’s windows or directly at them. This is a tale that’s just as known as the Mexican tale of La Llorona.

One night, as everyone was sleeping and my sleeping schedule had been thrown off, I was listening to Coldplay’s last album and playing on my Nintendo DS. And oh, I forgot to mention that my Grandma’s house was next to a river and that is very important because these two people tend to appear near rivers. But I didn’t really connect the two. At night, these little lizards would come into the house and make kissing noises. I was weird but I’ve gotten used to the sound. And so, it was getting late, around 3 am now. And since the ceiling of the house was made of tin, if anything fell on it, it would be heard and amplified times 10. So as I was listening to my music and playing Mario Kart, I started to hear rocks hit the ceiling. I took off my headphones and listened. It stopped and heard the kissing noises of the lizards. And then I heard the rocks hit the ceiling. And I turned to see if others could hear it but no, just me. I thought oh no, that boy is here for me and then I thought that maybe he wouldn’t like me since I was American and not a local. Or maybe he liked foreign girls. I was in full on panic. So I turned up my music and kept playing till I fell asleep.

The next morning, I told my mom what happened and she burst out laughing, saying how it must have been the lizards on the ceiling. But I know what I heard, and now I believe in ghosts. They still make fun of me because of this story but hey, they didn’t listen to those noises like I did.


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