New Music Friday: Imagine Dragons’ Evolve


Evolve is Imagine Dragons’ third studio album after Smoke+Mirrors. And what a great name for the album. Their sound had definitely evolved since their Radioactive days. Imagine Dragons is embracing a more electric sound which is the new thing in today’s music. The songs on this album range from some feel good anthems to some love songs. Imagine Dragons have been dropping singles leading up to the release of the album and the four songs were just a taste of the rest of the album. Songs like Believer, Whatever It Takes, Thunder, and Walking the Wire were released prior to the release date.

If you are someone who believes in music evolution, then you would probably like this album but if you are someone who is expecting Radioactive 2.0, then you will be disappointed. Some songs sound very modern but one song sounds straight out of the 80s, its called I’ll Make It Up To You. The beat and the instruments used sound like as if it should be played after an 80s teen movie. Thunder is one of those songs that can give you a confidence boost while I Don’t Know Why is a song about a dangerous love. So there is something for everyone.

The album has 11 songs and at least, for me, it is difficult to pick a favorite. I do like the album a lot and I know that I will be listening to it for the whole summer. If you don’t know if you would like it, give it a try and maybe you’ll find a song that you like.

This is just my personal review/opinion. 


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