The Great or Not So Great Bowling Date

I looked at the clock and I saw how I had an hour to get ready. I took a shower and got dressed. My phone lit up and it was a text about how he was on his way. And I was cool. I told him I was on my way too. I grabbed my bag and headed out the door.

I arrived at the place which was a bar and a bowling place. I waited outside and I saw how he texted me saying how he was walking over to the place. My calm self became very nervous. I looked up and no sign of him. I kept checking my phone.


I looked up and my heart melted. His bright eyes made me speechless. And I said hi. We hugged and walked into the place. And we got a table and sat down and we started a 3-hour conversation, just trying to get to know each other. And then a waiter came to us and gave us a menu, the thing about this menu is that it was all cocktails and beers. Uh-oh. I don’t drink but I told myself, I am going to take one for the team. So I got a drink and we kept talking. I was pacing myself with the drink even though I couldn’t taste the alcohol. We kept talking and he was winning me over. He was so caring and he was very interested in me. We talked about our lives, what we do, our hopes and dreams, our favorite music and bands. And the more I learned the more I fell. We kept turning around to see the people play and he asked if I wanted to go and bowl a bit. I said yes and we walked over and got a lane. I took off my boots and switched over to the bowling shoes. I got slightly competitive that I even didn’t recognize that I was competitive. It was my turn and the ball was too heavy so I dropped it on the back swing. The whole place went quiet and he looked at me and laughed, proving my point about how clumsy I was. We were laughing the whole time and having a great time. I ended up winning and he demanded a rematch but I teased him about how he was being a sore loser. We changed our shoes back and headed out. We walked around and talked some more. We just didn’t want the night to end. He held me close and I felt amazing. I turned and smiled at him. Then I saw the time. It was like I was Cinderella and I had to go home before midnight. So I told him I had to go but he didn’t want the night to end, so he decided to walk me home. We kept talking and he was making me laugh and for once I felt really happy thanks to this guy. We began holding hands and butterflies swarmed in my stomach.

We arrived at my apartment and we talked a bit more. I thanked him for walking me all the way home and how I had an amazing time. He leaned in and kissed me. Now, I don’t know if it was because I hadn’t kissed anyone in a while but it was the best kiss ever. He caressed my face and pulled me closer to him. And he was about to leave when I said. “Just one more.” He smiled and kissed me again. We let go and he walked off to his car. And I went back home with my heart aflutter.

Any other date before had been dethroned. This was hands down the best date I have had in the past 3 years. And he knows who he is and I thank him for giving me this experience.


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