What I Thought: Cyber-Rebound

Now, I don’t know if this is a thing already but I have come up with a phrase that some people may have come across without it even having a name.

Cyber-Rebound: the act of coming in contact with someone over the internet, social media or even through text but no physical contact with each other. It may also include sexting, exchanging of sexual photographs and even just comfort from another who that person is attracted to.

The reason I bring up this word or topic is that I, myself, have done this. Not to the full extent but almost. I have come in contact with guys who I have no desire in meeting up with but, we would talk for hours about anything and everything.

I realized that I did this after I had my heart broken a while back. I realized that I was almost using a guy as a rebound or as a way to get back on my feet. The only thing was that I wouldn’t meet up with them. Everything was strictly virtual. Was this wrong? Yes. Did I regret it? No. This to me was a way to think that not every guy I came in contact with wasn’t evil. And it would even help me get out there and get the courage to talk to guys again and date again.

Since I have never really had a guy be a rebound, the whole phrase to get over someone is to get under someone, this was basically my way of getting over a guy. Now keep in mind, this would turn into something like that I eventually did want to date the guy but it would be almost impossible to see them because they had crazy schedules or even, they lived across the country. So it was just a bit easier to know that this was really only over the internet, and not so much in real life.

At least, the guy was always the one who would stop the communication, so then I would have to get out there and start again and date and find a new guy to date. Or it would just fade out. I have even had some guys come back and want to start all over again but I would be in a better place in life and just tell them that I am no longer interested. So that’s a thing! Now you know a little bit about the phrase, cyber-rebound.


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