The Great or Not So Great Movie Hang Out

So about a couple weeks after my boyfriend and I broke up from our 4-year relationship, the movie Mockingjay part 2 came out. We both loved The Hunger Games series and were excited and sad that the series was coming to an end.

He called me up the night before the movie was in theaters to go and see it with him. Now I was still in this very sad and depressed state but I decided to go since no one else would see it with me.

I was a bit sad that the break up happened because I saw us in Katniss and Peeta. I even called him my Peeta because of it. And I knew what happened in the last half of the book. So I knew I was going to cry and very hard.

He picked me up in his car and off we drove to the movie theater. We talked and listened to the radio. He would tell me about the dates he went on and my heart would sink but I knew I had to listen because well if we were going to be friends, I have to endure this kind of conversations.

We got there, got our tickets and sat in our seats. The movie began and I don’t know if I was really sad over the series is over, or still crying over the relationship, or both.

The movie got to the part where Katniss kisses Peeta with such love that I start bawling. I’m rolling in my seat crying because of it all. My ex just looked at me with one tear trailing down his face. We watched the movie and I would cry from time to time. It felt like I was using the movie to cry in public. The whole time the movie was going, I was just hoping for my ex to look at me and kiss me and take me back. But it just never happened.

The movie ended and we talked about the movie. We went home and I cried some more. It all hit me all at once and I was just ruined. I forced myself to be comfortable around my ex because how else were we going to be friends?

Somehow, I got over all of it. We are good friends now and I know that at that moment it felt like hell and like I was being punished for something. I am now very comfortable with him being my friend and hearing his problems with his relationship or just hear about his day. We are really good friends and I am glad we are still friends even if it hurt my heart at the moment. I’m glad I didn’t lose a friend.


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