What I Thought: Being Kind

Everyone who has met me and talked to me has the same response or impression of me: I’m sweet and kind. And I pride myself on that. I like being called kind and sweet. I like being friendly because I know that is exactly what I want from others. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

I have been through a lot of crap, from strangers, to friend and to guys that I have dated. So I always try to be very nice to everyone that I meet and smile and be kind to them. Every guy that I’ve dated has called me sweet and kind. My friends know me and like me for being so nice and kind. And classmates that I interact with know me for being very nice. And like I said, I like being recognized for this.

But it does have its disadvantages.

I get walked all over. People think that because I’m so nice that I’m a pushover or that I don’t have a back bone. Now, I know how to control my temper so I’m not usually a person to get pissed off at someone. But because of this, it takes a person a while to get on my bad side.

Now, I don’t like that sometimes I am a pushover but I don’t want to be mean and get labeled as a bitch for standing up for myself. There have been instances where yes, I do have to be a bitch but for my benefit.

Even though I am this kind and nice person, for some people, this isn’t a trait they look for when searching for a girlfriend. I’ve seen how guys like me and its like they lose interest because I am so nice. Its like they want a bitch with an attitude and all this stuff, basically a bad girl. Which anyone who knows me knows that I am not a bad girl AT ALL.

Now, I would like to be a bad girl and do all that crazy stuff but that just isn’t me. I’ve had guys try to get me to be bad but they were attempting to change me to please them and that just wasn’t fun. I’m a good girl all the way.

I’ve been made fun of for being just a sweet and kind girl because I followed the rules and I did everything that was asked by the school. I was picked on because of that and I’ve only been in serious trouble this one time that I put white out on a bad grade so my mom wouldn’t have to see it when she signed it so I could turn it in to school and my teacher yelled at me.

I guess just some guys want a bitch to walk all over them and treat them like shit. Taylor Swift was right when she said guys only want love if its torture. Being sweet and cute only counts and works for cupcakes, not people.

But I like being nice and sweet and kind and friendly. And a guy will come along who likes that too and will appreciate it and love me for it. At least I hope so.


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