The Great or Not So Great Pictures

So, on my endeavors in online dating, I always run into very interesting characters. Here is one that drove me up the wall.

One day, as I was just perusing on my apps, I get a message from this guy. He is a bit older than me, 4 years which isn’t that bad. He is very nice and very kind. So he asks me about Snapchat and if I have one. So let him know I do and he adds me. We talk on there for the rest of the night. He sends me a picture of himself, not sexual or anything, just a way to prove he wasn’t catfishing me. And I send him one of me. And he floods me with compliments. So then he steers things into a direction that I don’t like, borderline avoid, which are sexual pictures. Now, I don’t do this. So when a guy asks me for them, I refuse and either they respect my decision, tell me bye or become really aggressive till they get what they want. This guy was the last one. We argued for 2 hours about the picture. I was getting very annoyed and I ended up saying that if he respected me, he would respect my morals and myself. He dropped it, at least for that night.

The next day, I get a message from him EVERY HOUR FOR THE NEXT 2 DAYS, asking for any picture of me. It didn’t have to even be sexual. But I kept refusing to send any. I was so annoyed and just done with this guy, I just stopped responding to him.

The next day, I get a different message from him. He asked me if I was still interested in him. And I ask why which he responds with because I have been very passive or that I have just been ignoring his messages all together. Then he starts lashing out and saying how I have the worst dating skills and is just calling me a child. And I start thinking that if he had better dating skills, he wouldn’t be on dating apps or even single! He is no better than I am if we are both in the same spot, talking.

He says no hard feelings and before I even respond, I delete him off of Snapchat and everything else. I was done and I didn’t want to put up with someone like that. And to be honest, I was interested in someone else so it didn’t tear me to pieces to say goodbye to him.

The lesson here: don’t be annoying and learn to respect someone when someone says no the first time, not the 50th time.

There is a story developing and it might be a while till it goes on here. It might or might not be a good story regardless of how it ends, if it ends.


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