The Great or Not So Great Rejection

I was in 10th grade and my mind was in a battle between liking two guys. So what I did, which might not be the smartest thing, I decided to tell one of them and see where that would go. SO I told one of them. This guy, let’s call him Adam. So I told Adam through Facebook and told him that I liked him. AND he rejected me. HARD. And obviously, I was so heartbroken, I told my best friend who was also a guy who I had a crush on. He tried his best to make me feel better and honestly, he did. In fact, it made me think that maybe this was a sign that I am really supposed to be with my best friend instead of this guy.

The next day, my best friend, Adam and I were walking to the classroom after turning in some books and we start talking about what happened. And my best friend starts going off on Adam saying how could he have hurt me, that he is dumb for rejecting me and how I should be treated very nicely. I started thinking about how maybe this was a sign about how I should maybe be with my best friend. He was also winning my heart since he was defending me and making me feel better.

A couple weeks later, my best friend ended up revealing that he liked me.

I’ll do another story about what happened the day that my best friend told me he liked me.


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