The Great or Not So Great Shipping

This story is about how my floor shipped me with someone who was my friend to the point where even my boyfriend got jealous.

After a night of doing some homework and my boyfriend was out working, I got bored in my room. Till my roommate came in and told me she was going to go and support our friends and floormates in a basketball game tonight. She invited me since she saw I had nothing better to do. I got my phone and my keys and we went off to get the shuttle to take us to campus. As we waited, our friends caught up to us including one of our guy friends, Cesar. We went on the shuttle and Cesar sat next to me and we were talking throughout the whole ride. Everyone in our group would laugh and whisper when we were talking. I heard things like how hey are so cute together and anything along those lines. Then one of our other guy friends said, I ship them. And I grew red in the face. I had a boyfriend and Cesar was just my friend.

We got off in front of the gym and we got some seats. Cesar sat next to me and we continued our conversation as we occasionally cheered for our friends. My roommate would joke around how we should be together and I laughed it off. In the back of my mind, I was just thinking about how furious he would be since he already was suspicious of us since one night, the whole floor watched a movie together and Cesar just happened to be there.

The game was over and we decided to celebrate with some food at the buffet style restaurant near the dorms. We got the shuttle back and we sat down in the same seats. The fresh air was hitting my face in the hot spring night. We walked over to the restaurant and we ate and everyone kept taunting us about us liking each other. But I knew I liked him but as a friend. I ate and I grew a bit annoyed and then I got a call from my boyfriend to come over since he just got back from work and he brought wings. So I finished my drink, my fries, waved at everyone who was at the table and told them I’ll catch up to them later. I walked over to my boyfriend’s dorm and told him about what happened.

“You see? I told you! Everyone knows something is happening between you two,” he said.

I was angry that everyone thought something was happening. I told him he was just a friend.

To this day, Cesar and I are still friends and he is in a relationship and they are happy. I don’t have feelings for him and vice versa. 


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