I was on a podcast!

Hey guys!

So something new has happened in my life and it is pretty exciting and cool! I was interested in being a guest on a nerdy/geeky podcast and we recorded the episode and after, the offered me a position to take over a spot since one of them is leaving after this semester. And I immediately accepted! I am really excited to be able to get to be a part of something that I like and that I have been diving into a lot. They talk about video games, comics, tv shows ad movies. I felt like I finally have a group of people who I can geek out with. It is a lot of fun and to know that after one episode, they want me back, makes me feel welcomed and even accepted. And I honestly, can’t wait. It was so much fun to talk about all these things that my friends might not get but it’s cool to have a group that does get it.

Here is the podcast! Go and listen!


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