The Great or Not So Great Wrong Turn

This is about an adventure that I had with my boyfriend at the time, a couple of years ago.

It was a hot September day and my boyfriend and I decided to go to our favorite place, Disneyland. We were in the car with the windows down as the sun was setting, blasting Taylor Swift’s album. We started joking about how what if our passes were blocked since Disneyland randomly blocks some Fridays. Then the laughter faded and my anxiousness got the best of me and I got on my phone and looked up whether or not we could get in. Turns out we were blocked. Great. So we decide to get out of the freeway and the traffic and go and find something else to do.

So as we were driving, the streets start looking off. They went from fine and friendly to scary. To the point where we raised our windows and lowered our music. THEN, we see a fair, it was like a harvest fair and we immediately decide to go in. Since we were both broke, we got enough to get in and get on two rides. We walked around and we felt so out of place and almost on the edge. We kept walking around and realized that it was getting late. So we walk over to the car and well, we had trouble getting the car started. We were so excited about the fair, we left the headlights on. My boyfriend tried and tried to get the car started but nothing. He was freaking out and knew he couldn’t call his dad to help because he wouldn’t hear the end of it so instead, he called his cousin. We waited in the car but we were getting more and more worried as our phones’ battery was dropping. I was panicking but thankfully, we got the car started and booked it out of there. Thankfully, the freeway wasn’t too far. We drove as fast as we could and never looked back.


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