The Great or Not So Great Cigarette

My boyfriend picked me up and we arrived, once again, at his apartment. He had to work on an application for a new job and he welcomed me to just relax, watch T.V. and just act as if I was home. Once I put my bag down, it noticed how messy he was. So I just got a plastic bag from one of his drive-thru meals and  I began to pick up wrappers from Taco Bell, paper plates with pizza stains on them and napkins. As I was starting to clean up his room, my heart sank. I found a box of cigarettes. I ran out of the room and confronted him. He mentioned that he used to smoke a lot in college but he stopped after his junior year. I began to think that maybe he began to go into his old habit and I grew a bit worried. “What is this,” I asked him while holding a cigarette. He looked a bit confused, as if I wasn’t supposed to find it. “I buy those for other people. So I offer or when others need one, I got them covered,” he explained. I felt my bullshit detector go off. But I let it go since whenever I am with him, I never smelled cigarettes on him or his clothes or in his place.

I don’t think I have ever cared for someone’s health more than ever. I threw away the box. And as I threw away the bag into the garbage, I thought, wow. What an Augustus Waters thing of him to say. Even if he didn’t know who Augustus Waters was. I didn’t want him to have that box. Knowing that at any moment he could go back to how he was. I hugged him and I told him that I cared about his health and I kissed him.


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