The Great or Not So Great Break In

This story is about when I was dorming at my University and how someone tried to break into my floor.

Every Friday, my friends and I always had a sleepover in the living room since the whole floor shared one living room. Some of us would push our mattresses into the living room and some of us would crash on the couch.

So my roommate and I would get pillows and blankets and go over to the living room. A friend of ours was ordering pizza as we all setup. The whole group was 8 people, 6 girls, 2 guys. We were deciding what to watch as we all got comfortable. I was texting my bf since he wasn’t going to be on campus that night since he was going to go back home for the weekend but I wasn’t freaking out since my friends were staying for the weekend.

The pizza was delivered and we were enjoying the movie. It was getting late, around 12 am at night but we couldn’t tell since it was 12 am on a college campus and on a Friday. People would always come in and out of the floor. So we really didn’t mind the people walking around or even coming in to check out what was going on.

Now it was 1 am and we were deciding what to watch when we heard the front door. Someone didn’t knock, this person was pushing the door and jiggling the doorknob. Usually, if someone wanted to get in, there was a doorbell people would ring. But this person didn’t. The living room had a window where people could see a bit of the entrance but we couldn’t see the person. It was some very aggressive pushing and it scared us all. We pushed the guys to go to the door and figure out who it was. My roommate and I popped out our pepper spray and got ready if things got out of hand. This all happened in a span of 30 mins.

One of my guy friends, Chris, opened the door. It was a guy who was drunk out of his mind. He mumbled that he was there to see a girl that he was seeing for a while now. Usually, the doors are open before 6pm but after, they shut and people can only get in with a key from the dorms on that floor.  So perhaps he would come in before that time and have no problem. We all helped him find the girl, turns out she was also drunk but she fell asleep. So the guy left. So we were scared shitless because of some drunk guy trying to hook up with a girl.


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