The Great or Not So Great Valentine’s Day Date

This was with my first boyfriend and this was our real first Valentine’s day date and well it didn’t go as planned. He will be named Oliver.

It was my day off from school since in university, my schedule sometimes gave me Fridays off. And this year, Valentine’s day was on a Friday. So I got home for the weekend on a Thursday night. My boyfriend and I were talking about what to do for the holiday. We both came to the conclusion about how we should go out and eat and just spend some time at our local mall. We set a time since my boyfriend had work that day so we decided to go out after. 

I got dressed and did my hair and everything for these kind of occasions. I wore a red blouse and black pants with red shoes. My boyfriend texted me about how we was about to pick me up. I was really excited. He picked me up in his car and off we went. 

So it was about 8:30pm when we got there and it was PACKED. Everything had about an hour or 2 wait. And the rules of the restaurant was that you couldn’t do reservations if it was only two people. So we were in a sense, screwed. 

We signed up for a table and walked around the mall. We went to a bookstore, we even got some macaroons to not pass out from the hunger.

It was 10 almost 11 pm by the time we were in the restaurant, barely sitting down. Our stomachs were growling and we realized how Valentine’s day was practically over by the time our food arrived. We weren’t even eating till midnight. 

We were so angry how they barely had any food left and had to change our orders like 3 times. And the food was terribly made. 

We got in the car a bit frustrated saying how we spent our Valentine’s day just waiting for a table. It was all so bad that this was our real Valentine’s day date and it went this horrible.

This ended up being the only time we had a Valentine’s day date because of schedule reasons. We look back at it now and laugh at how bad it went and how long we waited. 


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