The Great or Not So Great Drive

I went to Mexico about 10 years ago when I was 11 and this was the adventure I had with my cousins.

I had been in Mexico for about a week and I was getting along with my cousins very well. They were around my age and I had three cousins who were about 19.

My cousins saw that I was getting a bit bored or homesick since this was the first time out of the country. They all gathered and asked my parents if they could take me on a drive. My parents were cool with it and they grabbed me and we all got in the van that my eldest cousin owned.

I was a bit scared because I was in a country that I didn’t know that well and if something happened to me, I would be screwed. My cousins were calming me down and telling me that we were going to get ice cream at the mall. I calmed down a bit and we arrived at the mall. It was late but the mall was still open. We walked in to see it empty with all the stores closed, including the ice cream shop.

We walked back to the car and we were talking about what to do. My other eldest cousin said that we should go up to the hills and look at the city lights. My cousin started the car and off we went.

We parked the car and walked a bit till we got to this clearing. We all stood there in silence as we saw the skyline. It was so quiet and beautiful, it reminded me of home. I was so happy and calm. One of my cousins broke the silence when he started running because he didn’t know if he put the manual break since we parked on a hill. We all started running to the car and we got in and drove back.

We got home and my parents asked me if I had a good time. I nodded and said yeah. My cousins smiled and we all knew that even if it was for a little while, I knew it was one of those nights I would remember forever.

I still remember how the city looked and how quiet and calm it was. Its one of those memories that feels like it was out of a young adult novel.


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