The Great or Not So Great Second Date

This is what happened on our second date with Luke and how it was probably one of the best second dates I have ever been on.

After our first date, I had come down with a cold and it didn’t get any better by the time our second date came along. I asked Luke if we could reschedule and he was okay with it because he would rather see me not sick. So when I felt my cold lighten up, I texted him and told him if we could get ice cream the next day. And he was thrilled to see me so sudden.

I got a little more dressed up and then I saw his car pull up into the drive way. I walked out and we smiled and we were on our way. He had good music playing in his car and we stopped and got some ice cream. We began to eat and talk. We talked about shows and how we loved Parks and Rec. I mentioned that maybe one day we could see where they filmed the outside shots of Pawnee City Hall.

We finished our ice cream and decided to take a drive. He played some more of his music and off we went. We talked about anything and everything from how our proms went, to our experiences camping. We started driving back after 30 mins of driving one direction. Luke started to look for a place to stretch our legs and we were very close to the place where they filmed Parks and Rec’s outside shots. So I tell him to make a right and we find parking and we take a look at the place. We decided to go into the little courtyard where they have some trees, benches and a fountain. There were some people taking pictures as we were trying to find a spot to sit and just get some fresh air.

We find a bench under a tree and we sit. We notice that its dusk now and its getting dark. We start talking and he puts his arm over me. I feel this tension between us and he keeps staring at me. I ask him what he was thinking and he just smiles and says nothing. We keep talking and I ask again what is he thinking and he says “I’ll show you.” And he leans in and kisses me. This was the most amazing first kiss. I loved every second of it. We smile once its over. And after that, we kept kissing and asking each other questions. I lay on his lap and stare up at the sky and see all the stars. And I tell him that this moment, is the happiest that I had been in the past year. He leans in and kisses me and calls me adorable.

We walk, hand in hand and get to the car. We kiss once more and we begin our ride back to my place to get dropped off. I hold his hand as he drives and he smiles and I smile back.

We get there and he kisses me hard and we say our goodbyes. We agreed on a third date and I was already excited. I wave at him and he leaves.

I get in my room and I blush at what happened. Till this day, I haven’t had a date that was this great and amazing.

Third date will be up next! 


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