The Great or Not So Great Coffee Date

This was the date that I had with who soon would be my boyfriend for the summer. This is how our first date went.

Once again, I was getting ready for my first date. This time, I decided to dress a bit more casual than I did for my other first date which was a denim jacket, jeans, boots and a white shirt with navy blue stripes. This guy, Luke, who I was talking to for about 3 weeks decided to have a little date with me to meet and talk and see how our chemistry would be in real life. We liked talking to each other all the time and would text till the sun would come up and it was a lot of fun. Now was the real test.

I was walking over to the coffee shop and I was scaring myself by saying how what if he stands me up or is an hour late like the other guy. Thankfully, he texted me saying how he was already there and I started pacing because this time, I was late.

I got in and I saw him sitting there with his phone, probably just reading the text that I had just sent him. “Is this seat taken,” I asked him and he smiled at me and said “hey!” We greeted each other and he offered to get me something but I declined. We began to talk and we talked about where we were from and telling each other little stories about our pasts. As he finished his tea, he asked if we should just walk around the neighborhood and I thought it was a good idea. So we got up and on our way.

As we began to walk, he realized how tall I was. Apparently, for a girl, I am really tall. He was a bit stunned but he liked how I was tall and even thought it was cool. I smiled and we kept talking about movies like how a new Spiderman movie was coming out or how all these cool movies were coming out soon that were superhero movies and how all these cool Star War movies were coming out too. I started talking about fun things to do in LA since he had only been here for almost 10 months. I told him about all the museums and theme parks that he should go to some day.

As we reached his car, he asked if we could go to a museum and let our date keep going since he was having such a great time. I declined even though I wanted it to keep going. My aunt had recently passed away and there was a mass at my local church that I had to attend and I was only able to escape from my family for a few hours. I didn’t tell Luke why though. He understood and we hugged and said goodbye.

Once again, I got home happy and he texted me letting me know how happy he was to meet me and how pretty and cool I was. He wanted a second date with me. And I accepted. I was so excited because this was confirmation that I would see him again which hadn’t happened yet.

The next Great or Not So Great will be about the second date.



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