The Black Stallion: Part 1

Camilla was getting ready to head off into the saloon in which she worked in, as the heat began to make her very irritable. She let Garrett know that she was leaving to work but he didn’t respond, since he was knocked out from all the drinking last night. Camilla knew that this was a problem but she had better things to focus on like paying for food or keeping the house from falling. She closed the door and walked off to the saloon. She passed by where the horses were and began to brush one. “I’ll come back and we will have some fun, Sterling,” she whispered.

Oro was always this busy town, with people that would work in the gold mines to the girls who would work in the saloon. She saw her friend, Ada, who worked with her at Jacob’s saloon. “Ada! Wait for me,” she yelled as she ran in her heeled boots. Ada, a short redhead turned and smiled at the sight of Camilla running. She caught up to her and both started walking towards the saloon. The heat was driving them crazy but thankfully, they would be away from the sun for a bit while working.

They arrived and began to get ready for their day ahead. The girls all had these vanities in which they would get ready, put feathers in their hair, touch up their makeup and look presentable for all the patrons. Jacob, the saloon owner, always had us hurry and be ready by 9 AM since that’s when a lot of the patrons would come in. Camilla, Ada and all the other girls ran to the front doors and smiled for all the men coming in. There was a lot of whistling and hooting for the girls. They all shuttered once they had to leave backstage or went to the counter to help out Jacob with the drinks. Today, Camilla was on counter duty which also included serving the drinks. Camilla dragged her feet, knowing she was probably going to get hit on by the men here. She just wished that Garrett wasn’t hung over and that if something went wrong, he would fix it. Ada was on show duty today which meant she would be singing and dancing to her heart’s content.

Camilla went around, serving drinks till one man, who just reeked of alcohol, even more than Garrett, pulled on her skirt. “What’s the sheriff’s little doll doing here,” he slurred. “A girl like you shouldn’t be in a place like this. So vulnerable and pretty lookin’,” he said as he pulled again. Now, Camilla was used to this, sadly, but this didn’t mean that she wasn’t prepared for this. Camilla popped out her little knife that her father gave her for her 9th birthday, stabbed the table and left everyone, even the man, speechless. “Let go of my skirt or the next time I do this, I won’t miss,” Camilla said. The man let go and muttered under his breath. “I hate how these men just see a pretty girl and they just have to harass her in order to get her attention,” she said as she wiped the counter. “You need to stop damaging the tables. You are going to either hurt someone or buy me another table,” Jacob joked. Camilla smiled and took another tray to another table.

Austin, the piano player came out and bowed to the crowd. The crowd began to cheer and whistle because they knew that there was going to be a show. Ada came out and began to sing. Camilla sat down and heard her sing her first song. She cheered for her and got back up to help out in the counter. She noticed how many people remained quiet till Ada began to sing again. Camilla could tell she was an absolute crowd favorite.

Camilla began to clean glasses with Jacob as they talked about what they have done since the last time they saw each other. “Well, Garrett is still drinking and I’m still trying to get all this together and act as if my marriage isn’t broken. You know, the usual,” Camilla said. Jacob laughed at her and responded to how he spent the day showing his son how to ride. “He was just so happy and he turned and saw me smilin’. It was the best,” he said. Jacob speaking about his son made her think if there would ever be a chance of her having children with all these problems with Garrett and his drinking. She organized the glasses and wiped the counter again.

As she grabbed a rag, a man shot his gun and yelled, “Everyone stop what you are doing. This is a robbery.” Camilla turned to Jacob and saw the fear in his eyes. He knew robberies happened but he never got used to the feeling that maybe this time, he might lose his life. The man walked up to the counter and faced Jacob. “Give me everything you got,” the man with a scorpion tattoo said. Jacob emptied his pockets and handed him his money from his pocket and also from the register. The man smiled at Camilla and walked out. Jacob gave the biggest sigh of relief. But Camilla, was horrified. She knew these kind of things happened but this was the first time she witnessed it. And she felt so guilty. “This wouldn’t have happened if Garrett wasn’t home drunk. He would have stopped it. This is all my fault,” she said. She was scared and guilty since her husband was the sheriff and she was also the daughter of the sheriff. She had no clue what to do.

End of Part 1.



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