The Great or Not So Great Christmas Moment

This is about a moment that I had a couple years ago that happened around Christmas time about 2 years ago. This happened in my first relationship with a guy we will call Oliver while we were dorming at the same university.

It was our first Christmas when we had our passes to Disneyland so we decided to go and see all the Christmas stuff at the parks. I went over to his dorm to spend the night so we could get up bright and early to make it for rope drop. We woke up and it was freezing! I took a hot shower while he was making some breakfast. We got ready, got our mickey ears, our bags and left. We listened to some music as we were making our drive over there. The cold December air and practically ran over to the gates. We always would park hop and see all the fun holiday stuff. We saw the parade with all the different ways to celebrate Christmas from all around the world. We had so much fun! But we were putting aside one thing that we had to do, which was the Christmas fireworks. I have only heard great things about it and this was my actual first time doing anything Christmas related at Disneyland so this alone was a dream to me.

So it got dark and it got colder and colder by the minute but since we had to wait on Main Street to see the fireworks and there was a lot of people bunched up together. I was so excited to be there because I had no clue what to expect. The fireworks began and I started to tear up. It was so beautiful and it went along with all the Christmas music. I was just so overjoyed and in the moment. The fireworks ended and I felt so proud of myself because I didn’t cry. But it wasn’t over. Christmas music played again and it began to snow. Not real snow but the fake stuff to make it seem real. AAANNDD then the tears came. It was all so beautiful and I was just genuinely happy that I don’t think I was ever that happy in my life. My boyfriend saw me crying and hugged me. We exchanged I love you’s and we kissed. It was the most memorable moment of that year and perhaps of my life.

This is probably the best Christmas moment that I have ever had. I did cry and I cried a lot because of how happy I was. I thought this moment was appropriate for this time of season! Happy Holidays, everyone!



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