The Great or Not So Great Song

This story is about the date where I went over to my boyfriend’s  (we’ll call him Luke) place. This is where I tell him I can sing and wants to hear what I’ve got but it’s basically talking about a random date that I had.

Luke picked me up for our date which had followed the cycle of getting picked up, going over to his place, watch a movie or listen to music and then have some fun and then he would drop me off. And this day was no different. He was always in a good mood when he saw me and always complimented me on how I looked even though I would try very hard to look good. I held his hand as he drove and he always liked when I did. We would talk about stuff that was going on in our week like how I was prepping for a trip later that month or how he was advancing in the company and applauded for his work. He was a software engineer and dealt with programming and making sure everything would run smoothly.

We arrived at his apartment and he kicked off his shoes and had to work on something for work. He started yelling at me saying how “mi casa es su casa” and “que estas haciendo” because I wasn’t getting comfortable at his place. So I took off my shoes and lay on his couch. I liked that fact that he wanted me to be comfortable at his place. I lay there while his cute and fluffy cat just stared at me and turned and meowed at Luke. Luke told me that his cat usually didn’t like new people but that I was some weird exception. The cat would sit next to me and let me pet it. I remember being so happy in this point in time. I pet the cat and said in a baby talking tone how I liked it’s owner. Then Luke turned and looked at me saying how he wasn’t crazy. And started laughing insanely. I kept petting the cat and saying “yes, I still like your owner. Even if he is crazy.”

An hour had passed and I was still on the couch but this time I was watching TV. He was still working and even asked to help him create a code. I felt a little special since he asked for me to help out. I sat on his lap and he started to explain everything since he was really into what he was doing. I liked hearing people talk about what they are passionate about. So it was no surprise that I just liked Luke a lot more after hearing him talk about his passion. I got off his lap, kissed him and let him get to work. I got bored so I walked around his place till I saw Luke’s  cat on his bed. I got on the bed and lay next to his cat and began to pet it. I like petting cats if you didn’t notice.  It wasn’t long till Luke was wondering what I was up to when he saw his cat and I. He got on the bed and began to kiss me. I’m guessing that at this point, he was taking a break or he was done with his little project. He got on top of me and we began this heated make out session. But I stopped and asked if he was done with his project and he said no and his tone changed. I told him to hurry and finish so we could start his fun and I led him back to his desk. I sat back on the couch and Luke started making sexual jokes about how he was “doing” this program hard in which I responded that “the program was getting more action than me.” He just laughed at my comment and kissed me.

He was done and he immediately grabbed me and carried me off into his room. He kissed me as if he hadn’t seen me in years. I was always so scared of him dropping me or hurting himself by carrying me. He threw me on the bed and off we had our little fun which was his reward for working on his project.

We lay in bed together and we started talking. We talked about how dumb our arguments with our exes were and how crazy our exes were and then we started talking about other things. Somehow, we ended talking about how I was in Glee club and I didn’t really know if I was good because of how people say I’m good but since they were my friends and/or family, I never really knew. So Luke asked me to sing something and he would give me his honest answer. So I chose a song, Man who can’t be Moved by the Script, that was always my go to song to sing for people. I told him to close his eyes since I was really nervous and once he did, I began to sing. I finished singing and he was happy to say that I was good! And he kissed me and then wanted to show me his skills on the piano. He bought a keyboard and wanted to show off his skills. He started playing Fur Elise and I almost cried and told him how it was amazing. He got up and said that we should start a band because of how musically talented we were. I smiled and told him how I loved that idea.

Stay tuned because I have more stories about this relationship. 


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