The Great or Not So Great Friday

This story is about an awkward date with a guy who I had been seeing for about one week and this was the first date we had outside of a coffee shop. We’ll call him Jeremy. And also when I realized that I was just not crazy about him, or felt anything.

I was just finishing up my work at my internship and I texted back Jeremy letting him know I was about to come out. As I open the door, I see Jeremy right outside. He says hi and we hug and walk over to his car. Honestly, he startled me because I had no clue he was going to be practically at the front door. So we got in and I threw my backpack in the back and started talking. He asked about my day and I was a bit stressed because of the heavy workload I was given that day. So it was nice to talk to someone and distress for a while. He decided to take me to a bookshop in the area since I did mention that I liked bookstores. We arrived and I felt the stress come back. We went in and I was wandering around but I noticed that I was slowly losing him in the store. Here is the real thing that made me realize how uninterested I was, I was a bit happy that I lost him in the store. Then I saw him looking at some books and I made a quick turn and saw a book and began to read a bit. He offered to buy it for me but I immediately denied it. I didn’t want him to buy me something I would soon feel guilty about it.

So we left and made our way to a burger restaurant. We took our seats and ordered. Side note, an old elderly couple saw that we were on a date and they looked so pissed off about the fact we were on a date. They would not stop looking at me. So after we ordered, Jeremy started telling me everything about him. This guy was telling me things that were super personal and things I think shouldn’t be said to a girl that he just started seeing. I never ever felt so uncomfortable on a date that I just kept telling myself, I need to go home. Don’t get me wrong, he was nice and sweet but honestly, I felt nothing. I couldn’t see a relationship blossom between us. So I was completely zoned out while he was talking. I know, very rude, but honestly, I was having a revelation! Trying to prevent wasting any more time than I intended and to prevent from wasting his time. He let me talk and I was just speechless. We ate and we got to talking about all kinds of stuff and it felt okay but once again, I wasn’t attracted and I was super uncomfortable.

We made our way to the car and I felt like the end was near but OH NO. The worst feeling in the world came. THE CRINGE. He popped in his music and he started talking about his slang and he was dancing and singing and I was happy to see he was so comfortable with me but OH MY GOD. I have never ever wanted to jump out of a car so much or felt trapped. I felt like getting out of the car while it was going on the freeway. Let that sink in. He dropped me off home and I thanked him for everything and grabbed my bag and waved bye. I went home and did a full body cringe because it was just that bad. Like I have cringed before but not a full body one and that spoke volumes of how I felt.

I ended things with him about a week later and let him know that I didn’t really feel anything. He was nice and sweet about it and it was a learning experience to know what I was really looking for or solidified what I wanted. It ended well until I saw that on Facebook he was basically writing things that were hinting at the fact that we had stopped seeing each other and that he was used to it. He now has a girlfriend and I heard he is happy.


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