The Black Stallion: Background

This is the backstory to the main character, Camilla Rose Rodriguez. She is the main character of the story The Black Stallion.

Camilla Rose Rodriguez is the daughter of Rose Marston and Fernando Rodriguez. The family lived in the town of Oro. Her father was one of the founders of the town and was named the sheriff of the town. Fernando was loved by the town since he was the one who kept everyone safe. He was a hero in the eyes of Camilla. Also, he was the first Mexican sheriff of the town. Camilla was a mixed child due to the fact that her mother  was a white woman. And some people had a bit of a problem with that despite how loved Fernando was. So one night, someone set their house on fire, planning to kill off the family. When Camilla woke up because of the smoke she screamed, letting her parents know what was happening. Her father grabbed her, carried her out of the house, and placed her down as he went to go and get her mother. The house started getting more engulfed in the flames and little 12-year-old Camilla started to panic and scream. Then a young man, 17-year-old Garrett, saw and heard Camilla’s screams and saw what was happening and ran into the house to get her parents. Garrett came out with only her mother. Garrett apologized to Camilla and her mother and they both started crying. Rose promised Camilla’s hand in marriage as a thank you for saving her life.

8 years later, Camilla got married to Garrett. Fortunately, Camilla actually liked Garrett and as another gift, Garrett was named the new sheriff after the incident. As time went on, Garrett developed a drinking problem due to the stress of the job, to the point where he could not work anymore. Which is when Camilla had to step in and start working in a saloon to make some money.

Camilla is now 22 and has been dealing with her job and taking care of her alcoholic husband as crime starts to go up in the town of Oro. And that is where the story opens.


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