The Great or Not So Great First Date

This is the story about my first date after my break-up with my boyfriend of 4 years. It was with a guy named Matt who I met through a online dating app who I was talking to for about a month before the date occurred. This was my first date with someone who I met online.

It was March 25. I got up and I noticed that my sore throat had gotten worse because of my screaming from the day before. I had gone to a theme park and screamed A LOT. So I got ready. I was shaking so much since this was the first time meeting Matt. I was meeting up with Matt at a local coffee shop and I walked over there in a light pink summer dress, jean jacket, and a pair of light brown boots. I felt overdressed but I felt like i had to prove that I was attractive and also make up for the fact that I sounded like as if I was screaming for 2 hours straight.

I texted Matt that I was a block away and he took a while and responded that he might be a bit late but he was on his way. Being in LA and the distance this guy was traveling, I understood how crazy the freeway can get. It was 12:10 pm and I just decided to walk around the neighborhood. 12:30 pm and still nothing. At this point I was mildly panicking at the fact that I just might have gotten stood up. Some luck that would have been. It was 12:50 pm and I decided to text him and ask where the hell he was ( I asked politely, of course). He answered saying he was 2 minutes away. At 1 pm, I decided to go in the coffee shop and look at the menu. As I was looking at the menu, I saw Matt come in. He was tall and looked just like the pictures he sent me. thank god. I had a menu and I offered it to him since I was just going to order what I always order, a raspberry mocha frapp with a chicken pesto sandwich and fries. And something threw me off. He snatched the menu from my hands. It was a bit violent but I didn’t think too much of it. We ordered and he refused to let me pay even though I did have money to cover myself. We sat down at a table that was next to the street and we began to talk. He complimented me on how I was dressed which I felt very flattered. He was telling me stories about back home since he wasn’t a local, he was actually from Chicago. Remember this readers cause apparently there is a trend of the kind of guys I like because APPARENTLY they come from Chicago. We ate and talked and then he checked his phone to see how it was about to be 2 pm. He seemed a bit worried and I asked if everything was okay. He said how he was swamped with work and had to get back to his place soon. So we got up and walked out. RED FLAG! Keep in mind this guy was AN HOUR LATE and he had to leave about an hour into our date. We walked for about a block until we got close to his car. I offered to walk over to the car with him but he said he was okay and that he could find the car himself. I don’t know what he was thinking when that happened, like as if I wanted a ride or something which I knew I shouldn’t get in a car with him.

 So I walked home and I relaxed a bit. I was happy. I felt like as if I proved to myself that I was officially over the other guy and that I was playing the field and dating again. It felt amazing. And it was the start of spring which means new beginnings, and it really was.

Matt and I continued talking after the date and it was the only date we went on since he had to move to Texas about 3 weeks after that. And he also said he wasn’t looking for anything serious which broke my heart a bit but I got over it since I didn’t really see him much. But nonetheless it was the beginning of my dating life and the ups and downs that were to come in the later months.


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